2018 Conference Program


7:30-3:00        Registration and information by northeast elevator in the JFSB basement


8:00-9:15        Shakespeare, Popular Culture, and Psychological Stress Roundtable, B103 JFSB (Chair: Bruce Young)

  • Sarah Polhill: “Macbeth and the Benefits of Fear”
  • Sarah Matthews: “Madness and Game Theory in Crime and Punishment and Shakespearean Tragedy”
  • Lauren Wake: “Twilight and Macbeth: Fate Accepted, Fate Defied”
  • Summer Weaver: “Shakespearean Comedy and Wild West Dime Novels” [Redd Center 2nd Place Prize Winner]


8:00-9:15        African American Literature, 4186 JFSB (Chair: Kristin Matthews)

  • Brooke Rose “Harlem’s Interpreter: Rudolph Fisher and The City of Refuge
  • Rilley Kaye McKenna “Empowered Motherhood in Tracy K. Smith’s Ordinary Light
  • Emma Croft “Bodies Telling Stories: Pregnancy and Black Empowerment in Salvage the Bones
  • Audrey Saxton “Telling Stories and Making Power: Re-Writing the Medea Myth in Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones


8:00-9:15        Alternate Perspectives in American Literature, 4188 JFSB (Chair: Paul Westover)

  • Maren Loveland “Emily Dickinson’s Entomological Aesthetic: Conservationist Representations of Arthropods in Anthropocentric Poetics”
  • Joshlin Sheridan “The Guilty Fray of Sound in Rope: Hitchcock’s Rope as an Auditory Adaptation of Poe’s ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’”
  • Jacquelyn M. Dunn ”Suicide, Folk Beliefs, and Redemption in Willa Cather’s My Ántonia


8:00-9:15        Creative Writing: Graduate Multi-Genre Winners, B192 JFSB (Chair: John Bennion)


9:30-10:45      Shakespeare: Truth, Justice and Virtue, B103 JFSB (Chair: Rick Duerden)

  • Robbin Stephens “Justice, Love, and Witnesses”
  • Brooklynn Marshall “‘Who’s There?’: Identity and Self-Knowledge in Shakespeare”
  • Lyndee Johns “‘About, My Brains!’ The Realigning of Hamlet’s Morals”
  • Heather M. White “Angelo’s Measure: Corruption Capable of Virtue”


9:30-10:45      Rhetorical Training as Leadership Training, 4188 JFSB (Chair: Nancy Christiansen)

  • Meredith Campbell “Leadership and Applied Theater”
  • Kate E. Yancey “Leadership: Using Rhetoric to Lead in Today’s Business World”
  • Alexandra Palmer “Leadership Curriculum: A Study of Rhetoric and Ethics to Inspire and Achieve Hope”


9:30-10:45      Indigenous Voices Roundtable, 4188 JFSB (Chair: Mike Taylor)

  • Mari Murdock “Stepping Out of Photographs: Stopping the Myth of the Vanishing Native through Reclaiming Personhood in The Edward Curtis Project”
  • Terence D. Wride “Poets of Resistance: Restoring Life to the Student Literary Works of the Intermountain Indian School” [Redd Center 1st Place Prize Winner]
  • Rebecca M. Sainsbury “Nineteenth Century Sioux and the Empowering Institution of Motherhood”
  • Olivia Cronquist “A Dakota Woman: Zitkala-Ša’s Fight for Native Gender Identity”


9:30-11:45      Writing 150 Award Winners, B192 JFSB (Chair: Shelli Spotts)


KEYNOTE SPEECH & BOOK SIGNING, 1060 HBLL-Library auditorium

11:00-12:00      Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams is the author of fifty books. Her bestselling BabyLit board books introduce small children to the world of classic literature and have sold almost 2 million copies. Her new series of board books My Little Cities includes London, New York, Paris, and San Francisco. Jennifer’s new picture book for children, I Am a Warrior Goddess, celebrates girls’ innate power, and inspires them to use their influence to lead with love, gratitude, and fierceness. Jennifer graduated from the University of Washington. She has 20 years of experience as a book editor, including at Gibbs Smith and Quirk Books. She currently works as a consulting editor for Sounds True, developing their children’s line.


12:05-1:20      Creative Writing: Undergraduate Nonfiction Winners, B150 JFSB (Chair: Joey Franklin)


12:05-1:20      Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, B101 JFSB (Chair: Aaron Eastley)

  • Alex Lewis “Music: A Cultural Reinforcer in Things Fall Apart
  • Sarah Doyle “Nothing but a Tortoise”
  • Kylie Slade “Not a Symbol, But a Man”
  • Sam Christensen “‘Soiling The Others’: The Effect of Change in Igbo Sin and Punishment”


12:05-1:20      Criterion Panel, 4186 JFSB

  • Lainey Wardlow
  • Adam Brantley
  • Lorin Groesbeck


12:05-1:20      Wonder Woman, Shadow of War, and the State of Adaptation Studies Roundtable, B192 JFSB (Chair: Dennis Cutchins)

  • Cameron Harris
  • Hannan Morris
  • Chris Altoff


1:35-2:50          Shakespeare’s Cultural Contexts, B150 JFSB (Chair: Gideon Burton)

  • Anisa Call “The Devaluation of Consent in The Rape of Lucrece
  • Emma George “Bewailing Virginity in Hamlet
  • Hannah White Laudermilch, “The ‘Cursed Self’: Anxiety and Unspoken Curses in Richard III


1:35-2:50        Reading the Book of Mormon, B101 JFSB (Chair: Kylie Turley)

  • Maren Johnson “Harden Not Our Hearts: The Opposite of a Hard Heart Is Not Soft”
  • Marcus Reynolds “The First Principles of the Gospel: Repentance and Faith”
  • Jessica Johansen “A Close Study of 3 Nephi 8:19–23: When the Darkness Is Stronger than the Light”
  • Courtney B. Nordgran “Wrestling with Agency”


1:35-2:50        James Joyce’s “The Dead”, 4186 JFSB (Chair: Jarica Watts)

  • Noelle Dickerson “Annunciation, Crucifixion, Resurrection: Christian Symbolism in Joyce’s ‘The Dead’”
  • Elizabeth Condie “’Window, Window on the Wall’: A Study of Internal and External Dialogue in ‘The Dead’”
  • Natalia Green “Romeo and Juliet, Marriage and Death: Joyce’s Portrayal of Marriage as Death and Society’s Fantasy”


1:35-2:50        My English+ Stories, B192 JFSB (Chair: Jamin Rowan)

  • Samantha Aramburu
  • Shae Russell
  • Alex Oldroyd
  • Terrence Wride
  • Isaac Robertson
  • Lainey Wardlow
  • Clarissa McIntire
  • Jacob Johnson
  • Nicole Jacobsen
  • Rebekah Cutler


3:00-4:15        In the Classroom, 4188 JFSB (Chair: Dawan Combs)

  • Mariah Pilcher “Getting Your Mind in the Gutter: Understanding YA Graphic Novels”
  • Lauren Redding “Using Matilda as a Lens through which to Understand The Tempest as a Work for Young Audiences”
  • Emily E. Brown “Novice English Teachers Establishing a Dialogical Classroom Community at the Beginning of the School Year”


3:00-4:30        English+ Internship Fair, opposite B192 JFSB


3:00-5:00         3MP COMPETITION, B192 JFSB (Judges: Aaron Eastley & Jarica Watts)

  • Jason Godfrey “How Libraries Kill Books”
  • Madeline Olsen “Zero to Hero: Diana Wynne Jones and the Female Hero’s Journey in YA Fantasy”
  • Lindsey Owens “Make Me Your Villain: Why We Like Rooting for the Bad Guys”
  • Elizabeth Young “Baudrillard’s Hyperrealities: The Case for Living in a World of Simulations”
  • Katelyn Fish “Teaching Shakespeare in Secondary Schools: a Call for Authenticity”
  • Sarah Farrar “Violating the Female Body and Voice in Puritan New England’s Criminal Narratives”
  • Emily Cook “The Stranger Things of Poe”
  • Natalie Phister “Flannery O’Connor’s Grace Through a Mormon Lens”
  • Rachel Noli “Muskogee as the Canon Sees It”
  • Savannah Gordon “Seamus Heaney’s North: An Exploration of Light and Dark”
  • Jace Einfeldt “You’re Not My Father: Fatherhood in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart



8:30-1:00        Registration for presenters & information desk by northeast elevator in the JFSB basement


9:00-9:50        Irish Literature, 4186 JFSB (Chair: Phil Snyder)

  • Heidi Moe Graviet “Our Day Will Come: Seamus Heaney’s ‘Bogland’”
  • Samantha Rowley “Seamus Heaney: A Poet et un Traducteur (and a Translator)”
  • Ryan Meservey “Excavating Brian Friel through Post-Christian Theory”


9:00-9:50        Renegotiating Boundaries in American Literature, 4188 JFSB (Chair: Kristin Matthews)

  • Morgan A. Lewis “Feminism and Manic Pixie Dream Girl of the Modernist Era”
  • Emily Jones “Flannery O’Connor as a Colonizer”
  • Emily Ensign “The Things They Carried: An Analysis of Loyalty and its Disintegration in the Combat Zone”


9:00-9:50        Creative Writing: Undergraduate Fiction Winners, B192 JFSB (Chair: Steve Tuttle)


10:00-10:50    Rhetoric of World Leaders, B105 JFSB (Chair: Nancy Christiansen)

  • Samantha Aramburu “William Wilberforce: A Case Study of Rhetoric, Ethics, and Leadership”
  • Conner Rawson “Evaluating Mahatma Gandhi: The Qualities of an Effective Leader”
  • Anne Lester “Margaret Thatcher as a Leader”


10:00-10:50    Children’s Literature & Film, 4186 JFSB (Chair: Jon Ostenson)

  • Meagan Andrus “The Taboo of Religion in YA Literature”
  • Michelle Forstrom “Books in Their Hands: Why Elizabeth George Speare Wrote”
  • Derek T. Lange “Disney and The Jungle Book: Film Approaches to Female Empowerment and the Patriarchy”


10:00-10:50    Latina Literature, 4188 JFSB (Chair: Trent Hickman)

  • Miriam L B Sweeney “The Success of Julia Alvarez’s In the Time of the Butterflies and the Morbid Fascination of Dancing with The Dictator”
  • Mallory L. Dickson “The Power of Identity Forged Through Border Crossing in Sandra Cisneros’ Caramelo
  • Thomas Sorenson “The Epistemology Of Healthy Lies and Subjective Truth in Sandra Cisneros”


10:00-10:50    Creative Writing: Undergraduate: Poetry Winners, B192 JFSB (Chair: Michael Lavers)


11:00-11:50     Q&A with Ally Condie, HBLL 1060-Library auditorium (Chair: Michael Lavers)


11:00-11:50    Calvinism in 17th-century British Literature, 4186 JFSB (Chair: Jason Kerr)

  • Hannah Walker “Women’s Speaking Justified: Margaret Fell Fox’s Deliberate Use of Male Rhetoric for the Advancement of Women in Church”
  • Jeremy Loutensock “Navigating Orthodoxy: The Calvinist Self in Lucy Hutchinson’s On the Principles of the Christian Religion
  • Olivia Moskot “Spiritual Evolution: Embracing Elements of Predestination Theology in George Herbert”


11:00-11:50    Native American Literature, 4188 JFSB (Chair: Mike Taylor)

  • Amanda Breck “Elias Boudinot–An Advocate of Cherokee Literature”
  • Carly Callister “Uncovering the Voices That Have Been Silenced: How the Cherokee Young Women are Continuing the Traditions of Their Ancestors Through Literature and Rhetoric”
  • Katie Romrell “Mediation and Progress within Zitkala-Ša’s ‘Side by Side’” [Redd Center 3d Place Prize Winner]


12:00-12:50    English Reading Series: Ally Condie, 1060 HBLL-Library auditorium

Ally Condie is the author of the Matched Triology, a #1 New York Times and international bestseller. Ally is also the author of the young adult novel Atlantia and of the middle grade novel Summerlost, which was an Edgar Award Finalist for Best Juvenile Mystery of 2016. Her newest book The Darkdeep will be released in October 2018. She is the founder of the non-profit WriteOut Foundation, which runs writeoutcamp.org—a writing camp for teens.


1:00-1:50        British Literature and Social Change, B101 JFSB (Chair: Paul Westover)

  • Elizabeth D. Smith “Challenging a Stereotype: Female Nature in Rape of the Lock and ‘Saturday. Small-Pox. Flavia’”
  • Isaac B. Robertson “Deity Divided: Cognitive Dissonance and Spiritual Experience in Barrett Browning’s “Runaway Slave at Pilgrim’s Point” and Contemporary Slavery Arguments”
  • Charlotte Shurtz “Christmas Hauntings: Similarities and differences in A Christmas Carol and “A House to Let”


1:00-1:50        The Range of Rhetoric: Religious Controversies, Popular Science, and Applied Statistics, 4186 JFSB (Chair: Nancy Christiansen)

  • Mitchell Holman “Erasmus versus Luther: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Debate On Free Will”
  • Alexis Polson “Universalizing Genetic Information to Bring Cancer Patients Hope”
  • Brandon King “Pay What You Want: A Disruptive Business Model”


1:00-1:50        Criterion Panel, 4188 JFSB


1:00-1:50        My English+ Stories, B192 JFSB (Chair: Jamin Rowan)


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