2019 BYU English Symposium

Thank you for your interest in BYU’s Spring 2019 English Symposium, which will be held February 28 – March 1. We welcome proposals for presentations in all areas of English studies and creative writing. You may submit a proposal for more than one of the four following presentation formats; however, we would like as many students to participate in the English Symposium as possible, so participation may be limited to one presentation each, with the exception of the new Short Film Competition. EVERYONE is invited to submit to the film competition!

Please follow instructions at these links to submit a proposal to your chosen format(s):

You can return to this website any time before our submission deadlines and submit additional proposals (as long as they are for a different presentation format).

All BYU undergraduates and graduate students are welcome to submit a proposal, as well as those who graduated in December 2018. You need not be pursuing English Studies in order to submit a proposal, provided the content is appropriate for the English Symposium.

Fame, Glory & Prizes

  • All presenters may choose to archive their presentations in BYU’s ScholarsArchive.
  • Excellent research papers will be selected for publication in Criterion, BYU’s journal of literary criticism
  • “My English+ Story” and 3MP presentations will be filmed and featured on the English Symposium YouTube Channel and in English Department media
  • Cash awards for winners in the 3MP competition and the Short Film competition


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