English Symposium Schedule

Friday, March 25, 2011

Registration: 8:00–12:00 and 1:00–5:00 at the FLAC (B003 JFSB). Participants should check in and pick up their name-tags.


B103 JFSB Rhetoric and Composition/Pedagogy (Chair, Kristine Hansen)
Carolyn Carter “The Rules of Engagement: A Brain-Based Approach to Teaching in the College Writing Classroom”
Jarron Slater “It’s Not About You; It’s About Us: Voice as Cooperation Between Reader and Writer”
Travis Washburn “Look Your Audience in the Eye: The Case for Personal Voice”
B101 JFSB Language and Language Systems (Chair, Meredith Reed)
Rachel Kirkwood “‘Shall I Project a World?’: The Crying of Lot 49 and the Closed System of Academic Criticism.
Ashley Williams “‘Yo Mama!’ Language Interacting with Identity in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
Whitney Tessers “Having Your Cake and Eating It Too”
B150 JFSB The Woman Question (Chair, Katie E. Young)
Celeste Zsembery “Neither Blue nor Bore: Loudon’s Construction of the Clever, Intelligent Woman Reader in The Ladies’ Companion
Elizabeth Christianson “In Search of the Real in Ella D’Arcy’sThe Bishop’s Dilemma
Katie E. Young “In Wisdom and in Folly: Owls, Marriage, and Women’s Issues in Elizabeth von Arnim’s Elizabeth and her German Garden and The Solitary Summer
4116 JFSB Healing and Cultural Memory (Chair, Jack Mallard)
Marinda Quist “Opposition and Healing in A Raisin in the Sun
Candice Taylor Stratford “Feet Firmly in Control: The Transmission of Memory in Paule Marshall’s Praisesong for the Widow
Amy Takabori “Functions of Compensations of/in Anne Michaels’ Fugitive Pieces
1013 JKB Creative Writing, Genre Potpourri (Chair, Shelah Miner)
Emily Belanger “Jimbo’s Day with the Aliens”
Michael Lemon “Songs and Words: An Anthology of Music and Flash Stories”
Amber L. Watson “Gasp-Falling Goldfishes: the Language of Being Human”
1129 JKB The Unthinkable and the Unspeakable (Chair, Trent Hickman)
May V. Anderton “Wrapping One’s Mind Around Borges: Patterns of and within Infinity”
Sienna Palmer Dittmer “The Fuku of Race and the Problem of Dominicanness in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.”
Drew Merrill “From the Corner of her Eyes: Problematizing Witness in In the Time of the Butterflies.”
B101 JFSB Flouting Romantic Genre Expectations (Chair, Nick Mason)
Kessia Robinson “Communication Pathways: Man and Nature in Wordsworth’s ‘Lines Written in Early Spring’”
Laura Lindsay “Jane Austen and the Strength of Persuadability”
Becca Ogden Jensen “‘Merit beyond any already published’: Austen and Authorship in the Romantic Age”
B105 JFSB Burke, Booth and the Bones of Modern Rhetoric (Chair, Jon Ostenson)
Paige Thompson “Seeking to be Understood: a Critical Reading of Kenneth Burke and Wayne Booth”
Aimee Robison “Burke, Booth, and the Rhetoric of Forgiveness”
Meridith Reed “Responsible Reading and the Work of the Critic in Kenneth Burke and Wayne Booth”
1013 JKB Shifting American Ideals (Chair, Phil Snyder)
Ryan Brown “Give it the Gun: Power Shifting and Automobility in Cain’s Mildred Pierce
Kylar Jones “Societal Decay”
Theodore Smith, “Evolving Ideals: the Fate of America”
B103 JFSB Time: Chaucer to Final Fantasy (Chair, Dennis Cutchins)
Andrew Allen “Immersive Literature: a Well-Coded Video Game.”
Gary Fuller “‘Ful Armonye’: Love and Cosmos in the ‘Parliament of Fowls’”
Emily Young “Time and the Scottish Novel: Antiquarian History vs. Quantum Time”
B132 JFSB Constructing Gender (Chair, Aimee Robison)
Rebecca C. Hay “The Other to Create the One”
Stephanie Johnson “Unwilling to be Free: the Governess’s Desire to be an Angel”
Courtney Beesley “Soft-Boiled Crime Fiction: Hope for Heidegger’s Humanity”
B103 JFSB Food and Empire (Chair, Jill Rudy)
Kristy Stewart “Muck and Chocolate: Food for Soldiers in Life and Literature”
Rebecca Barlow “Getting to Know Mrs. Beeton”
Emma Nelson “Immigration and Foodways: Food Traditions in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake
B150 JFSB Meeting and Fighting the Man (Chair, Jaqueline Thursby)
Ryne Steinacker “Minority Culture and Subversion inInvisible Man and Round Dance
Jonathan Smith “Media as a Tool of State Control in Richard Wright’s Native Son
Kylie McQuarrie “Hegemony and The Road
B105 JFSB New American Gods (Chair, Edward Cutler)
Jacob Kunzler “The Bible and Marilynne Robison’s Novels”
Amy Whitaker “The Deterioration of Devotion: Religion’s Shifted Role in The Custom of the Country
Annique Winegar “Thoreau’s Discovery of Universal Truths Through Hinduism”
B101 JFSB Everyday Rhetoric (Chair, Paige Thompson)
Jacob Sherman “The Philosophy of Douglas Adams, as Told in Rhetorical Figures”
K. Robert Kirkham “Combating the ‘Theophany of Flaming Creosote in Disguise’: An Analysis of Enthymematic Dialectics in Bad Religion’s The Empire Strikes First
Devon Cook “Perspective and Shifts in Reynold Price’s A Long and Happy Life
12:00-12:50 English Reading Series, HBLL Auditorium: Dr. John Bennion
B101 JFSB Shakespeare: Ritual and Order (Chair, Nancy Christiansen)
Chad Harrison “The Damned Spot’s Canvas: The Hand as an Image of False Loyalty inMacbeth
Kara Kemp “Identity and Impotence in Orson Welles’s Othello
Rachel Wise “Gendered Witchcraft in Orson Welles’s ‘Voodoo’ Macbeth
B103 JFSB Adolescence and Foodways (Chair, Debbie Dean)
Lindsay Woolf “Harry Potter and the Origin of Food”
Andrea Ostler “Food and its Impact on Adolescents and their World”
Natalie Johansen “Restoring the Art of Family Mealtime”
B150 JFSB Types in Victorian Novels (Chair, Lori Yancey)
Rachel Giddings “Warped Communication in Gaskell’sNorth and South
Jen Price “Armature of Love: Subordinating and Asserting Issues of Masculinity and Femininity in the BBC’s North and South
Shannon Stimpson “Division and Unification in Gaskell’sNorth and South
B140 JFSB Gender in American Literature (Chair, Zach Hutchins)
Rachel Page “Mesmerizing Women in Blithedale”
Shayla Whipple “‘The Absence that Drives Desire’: Gender Roles in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises
Rebecca Lofley “American Philomelas: A Female American Poetic Tradition”
1013 JKB Grails and Hell (Chair, Miranda Wilcox)
Sydney Maucotel “The Devil’s Playground: A Rhetorical Analysis of Kenneth Burke and the Amish Teenage Identity Crisis”
Lindsay Brown “On the Road to the Grail: Linking Father-Son Relationships in Mallory’sLe Morte D’Arthur and McCarthy’s The Road
Genevieve Busch “‘I Dreamed a Dream in Time Gone By’: Thomas Malory’s Use of the Dream as Lay Morality Discourse”
B105 JFSB Gender and Othello (Chair, Kelsey Mortenson)
Sabrina McCann “Early Modern Feminine Ideals: Portia and Desdemona”
Lauren Ashley “Devotion to Distortions: How Gender Centers in Othello Mirror Pornography Problems”
Chad de Lisle “Race and Gender Issues in Othello andMerchant of Venice
B101 JFSB Rhetorica Americana (Chair, David Isaksen)
Breanne White “Visual Rhetoric on Puritan Tombstones: The Unwritten Sermon”
David Isaksen “Barack Obama’s ‘We the People’ and the Rhetorical Power of Literary Form”
Spencer Wells “In Thanksgiving and Praise: Prayer’s Rhetoric and Congressional Thanksgiving Proclamations”
B140 JFSB Short Story: Small Town America (Chair, Stephen Haynie)
Stephen Haynie “Our Town’s Witch Doctor”
Hilary Watkins “Marty Burton Finds True Love”
Erin Jackson “The Deep Fried Fighting Praying Mantis”
B103 JFSB History and Tradition (Chair, Sarah Campbell)
Kelly Rogers “Literary Cowboy: McCarthy’s Ideal inNo Country for Old Men
Sarah Campbell “Re-appropriation of Guevara in Loving Che
Jacob Lyman “Don Lee and the African American Creation of Past, Present, and Future”
B150 JFSB Creative Nonfiction Collection (Chair, Patrick Madden)
Bentley Snow “Eurail to Rome”
Scott Morris “On Whom Things are Lost”
Shelah Mastny Miner “The Black Truck”
B105 JFSB Takes on the Classics (Chair, John Talbot)
Andrew Wells “Homer, Ovid, Milton, and Pope: The Anxiety of Mitigated Influence”
Holli Hale “Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and Nietzschean Tragedy”
Carin Olavson “Mindfully Catching Nature Through Antiquity”
B013 JFSB Politics and Identity at the Periphery (Chair, Shannon Stimpson)
Deborah Westwood “Samuel Johnson: Paradox of Religion”
Sari Carter “Writing to the Moment: Creating Identity in Pamela and Mrs. Dalloway
Brad Gerhardt “Decentralizing Modernism: Politics of Periphery and Avant-Garde Alienation”
2009 JKB Graphic Adolescence (Chair, Rachel Meibos Helps)
Jack Lundquist Scott Pilgrim v. the World: The Emergence of the Graphic Novel”
Jessica Vavrinec Bitten: The Evolution of the Vampire Novel in Teen Literature”
Alana Maiello “The Golden Age of Spirituality in Young Adult Literature”
2002 JKB Drama, Science, and Religion (Chair, Kjerstin Evans)
Hillary Gamblin “Nationality and Space in As You Like Itand the Book of Esther”
Alexis Wood “Absent Father and Absent Presence in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia
Maichael Mayans “Unpredictable, Yet Undeniable Downfall: Thermodynamics in the Relationships of Arcadia
4:00-4:50 Keynote: “Reflections on ‘Going Pro’,” Dr. Nancy Christiansen, B092 JFSB (refreshments provided)


The English Symposium is sponsored by the BYU English Department and organized by the English Society and the English Graduate Student Association.