English Symposium Schedule

Friday, March 23, 2012


Registration: Begins at 8:30 at the FLAC (B003 JFSB). Participants and moderators need to check-in the hour before their panels (or earlier).


B060 JFSB Dualisms: Just the Two of Us (Moderator: Dr. Edward Cutler)
Macord Johnson “The Magic and Mimetic: Nature, Senses, and the Self in Whitman’s ‘Leaves of Grass’”
Hannah Ballard “Doubles and Barrier Imagery: Why Poe Sticks People Behind Doors”
Becky Callahan “‘God’s Best Gift’: The Medium-Governess in The Turn of the Screw
B062 JFSB Re-Joyce in “The Dead” (Moderator: Dr. Jarica Watts)
Sarah Juchau “Gabriel’s Embodiment of Colonial England in Joyce’s ‘The Dead’”
McKenzie Hansen “Gabriel Conroy and Tales of Deception within ‘The Dead’”
Julie Anne Helmandollar “Stay on the Train: Adolescent Progression in James Joyce’s ‘Araby’”
B101 JFSB Postcolonial Shadows in World Literature (Moderator: Dr. Aaron Eastley)
Julie Smith “Lightning Struck by Life”
Amanda Jo Tibbitts “Father Thames and Mother Congo”
Kristen Cardon “Britain in India: Relations Reflected in Literature and Personal Experience”
B103 JFSB The Nuts and Bolts of Understanding Frankenstein (Moderator: Dr. Dennis Perry)
Susan Swendsen “The Sublime in Frankenstein: Boundaries and Limitations in Human Experience”
Carin Olavson “Narcissism’s Promethean Fetters in the Monster and Mary Shelley”
Suzanne Gillis “Frankenstein’s Hidden Legacy: ‘It’s Alive!’”
B104 JFSB Trauma, Food, and Comics: New American Voices (Moderator: Rachel Kirkwood)
Marinda Quist “The Death of Trauma: Mourning and Healing in Edwidge Danticat’s The Dew Breaker
Jackson Snyder “Eating One’s Feelings: Foodways and Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘A Temporary Matter’”
Lauren Fields “Escaping Prescribed Sexualities: Chabon’s Quiet, Democratic Revolution”
B150 JFSB Reading in Tongues: Translation as Conduit of Memory (Moderator: Dr. John Talbot)
Andrew Wells “Arthur Golding, Elizabeth I, and the Politics of Translation”
Carolyn Carter “Fractures as Conduits of Meaning: Ted Hughes’ Reception of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and Ovid’s Metamorphoses in Tales from Ovid
Gerrit van Dyk “Heaney as Anchises: Translation, Aeneid IV, and ‘The Riverbank Field’”
3082 JFSB Pedagogical Approaches for the FYW Classroom (Moderator: Dr. Kristine Hansen)
Angela Lankford “Audience Analysis: Bridging the Gap between Composition and Visual Rhetoric”
Crystal Radley “Emerging Adulthood and First-Year Writing: Implications for Teaching and Writing”
Tara Boyce “Response to Downs and Wardle and Their Critics: Reframing Conversation about FYC Approaches”
4116 JFSB Books as Illusory History and Documentation (Moderator: Tara Piña)
Averyl Dietering “Early Modern English Coronations and the Power of ‘Empty Books’””
Kara Kemp “Illusions of Enlightenment in The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner
Hillary Gamblin “Hester Pulter: Re-Imagining Early Modern England”
B013 JFSB Spatial and Familial Relationships: Prose and Poetry (Moderator: Dr. Susan Howe)
Conner Bassett “In the Gallery of Ordinary Objects”
Jonathan Garcia “History, Humor, and Family Dynamics in Isaiah Chapter 2”
Sarah Syphus “Rings Like Crushed Cinnamon”
B062 JFSB Fictionalizing Victorian Mores (Moderator: Dr. Peter Leman)
Brian Sabey “Narrative and Transcendence in ‘A House to Let’”
Courtney Beesley “The Language of Love: Business, Proposals, and North and South
Erin Jones “Love My Baby as a Father Should’: Anne Brontë’s Transcendence of Victorian Parenting in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall”
B101 JFSB Secretly Feminist (Moderator: Dr. Phil Snyder)
Bryce Johnson “The Better Half of the Half-Men: Feminine Disruptions of Masculinity in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings
Claire Monson “Tighe’s Psyche and the Role of Feminine Expression”
Amy Takabori “‘Dispersed Are We’: An Empire of Time in Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts
4188 JFSB Bone Collectors: Recovering and Collecting Narratives (Moderator: Dr. Jacqueline Thursby)
Tyler Corbridge “Haystacks”
Alexis Wood “Navajo Storytelling and Reality”
Heather Zollinger “‘Set Aside for Good Things’: Pilgrimage, the Land, and Life Lessons Learned in Circleville, Utah”
B105 JFSB Re-Viewing Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales in Film (Moderator: Paige Thompson)
Emma Nelson “‘Happily Ever After’ in Catherine Hardwicke’s Films Twilight and Red Riding Hood
Becca Barlow “The Grimm Brothers Still Speak: Anne Hathaway’s Ella as a Renewal of the Grimm’s Cinderella”
Gerrit van Dyk “Tales, Language, and Identity: Metafiction in Shannon Hale’s Goose Girl
4116 JFSB Comparative Literature from Hamlet to Vonnegut (Moderator: Shannon Williams)
Katie Wilkie “Hamlet and Huckleberry Finn: Clemens’s Unyielding Critique of Shakespeare”
Ashley Hasna The Hunger Games: The Modern Greek Myth”
Laura Schuff “Duty-Dance with Death, Haunted by Humans: Vonnegut’s ‘Children Crusade’ in The Book Thief
4186 JFSB What is Real?: Religio-Ethical Rhetoric and the Emotions (Moderator: Dr. Nancy Christiansen)
Samuel Dunn “Social Construction of Reality as Epistemic Rhetoric in Christian Youth Ministries”
Jarron Slater “Ways of Seeing as Ways of Being: Some Effects of Emotional Terministic Screens on Ethos”
David Isaksen “Persuasion and Aesthetic Truth”
B103 JFSB When Stars Collide: The Intersections of Mathematics, Physics, and Multimedia in Creative Nonfiction (Moderator: Dr. Gideon Burton)
Jacob Cutler “The Video Essay: Introducing a New Creative Writing Sub-Genre”
Scott Morris “Points of Tangency”
Carson Bennett “Forces Unseen: The Science of Writing and the Art of Physics”
B094 JFSB Characters in Fiction (Moderator: Dr. Jill Rudy)
Whitney Call “Excerpts from Rae: Narrating Developmental Disorders in Creative Writing”
Parker Smith “Fun Bus”
Jess Larsen “The Oh So Boring (But Soon to Be Very Exciting) Life of Sage Murray”
B101 JFSB The Bard and The Man (Moderator: Dr. Bruce Young)
Alexandra Mar “Out-Shakespeare-ing Shakespeare?”
Enoch Hunsaker “The Divinity of Human Kindness: An Analysis of Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Laura Lindsay “Darwinism and Masculinity in Peter and Wendy
B105 JFSB “Color”-Coordinated: Challenging and Creating Communities (Moderator: Dr. Peter Leman)
Whitney Sorensen “Inescapable Whiteness: African-American Folk Music and Dance in Hurston’s Color Struck
Alexis Wood “Fragmented Body and Ntozake Shange’s for colored girls
Kamian Coppins “‘The Rainbow is Enuf’: Shange’s Rainbow in for colored girls
B103 JFSB Re-Joyce in Beowulf (Moderator: Dr. Jarica Watts)
Lauren Fine “Quest for Equality: Power Conflicts in Joyce’s ‘The Dead’”
Kaleigh Jean Spooner “Allegory in ‘The Dead’”
Gary Fuller “Prince of Rings and Poetry: The Function of hring and beáh in Beowulf
4166 JFSB There’s No Place Like Home in Postmodern America (Moderator: Dr. Jamin Rowan)
Jacob D. Sherman “The Postmodern Reader’s Various Role as Implied by Lorraine Hansberry, Arthur Miller, and Edward Albee”
Joshua Hawkins “Male Involvement in the Feminine Mystique”
Adrienne St. Clair “Race and Gender Conflicts of the 1950s: A Landscape for Grace to Bloom in Robinson’s Home
B150 JFSB Pretty Persuasion: Perspectives on Austen (Moderator: Dr. Kristine Hansen)
Mary Kremer “A Gentle Social Revolution”
Jenna Cooper “Captain Wentworth is Not a Nut”
Crystal Radley “Austen as Historian: Persuasion as an Artifact of Change”
B135 JFSB Modern Frontiers (Moderator: Dr. Phil Snyder)
Tom Clyde “Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly: A True Cowboy in Space”
Abigail Pace “The Landscape and Community of Fencing the Sky
Michael Wyatt “The Trans-Textual Life of Pi”
12:00-12:50 English Reading Series HBLL Auditorium: Wyn Cooper
B1o1 JFSB What’s Love Got to Do with It?: Death, Love, and Poetic Immortality (Moderator: Jarron Slater)
Dana Knudsen “‘Half in Love with Easeful Death’: Keats’s Ambivalent Relationship with Mortality”
Rachel Rueckert “Pain as a Megaphone to Rouse a Deaf, Inexperienced C.S. Lewis: The Evolution of Lewis’s Writing on Romantic Love”
Emily Bell “Romancing the Dead: Love and Death in Keats’s ‘Bright Star’ and ‘Ode to a Nightingale’”
B103 JFSB The Divine and the Sublime: Creative Writing Theory (Moderator: Dr. Susan Howe)
Conner Bassett “Encountering the Divine in Postmodern Poetry”
Travis Washburn “Plot as Fractal”
Kessia Robinson “The Divorce of Religion and Art: Perspectives on LDS Fiction among BYU Creative Writers”
B105 JFSB The Bible to Orpheus: Mythical Retellings (Moderator: Dr. Jacqueline Thursby)
Tessara Lamb “Retelling the Bible: The Old English Exodus and Andreas”
Parker Smith “Redeeming Reputation in Samson Agonistes
Jacqueline Wagner “The Story of Orpheus: From a Classical Myth to a Medieval Romance”
4068 JFSB Questioning “The Woman Question” (Moderator: Dr. Dane Spencer)
Katrina Corbridge “The Women Who Knew Where Lay Truth, Beauty, and the Good”
Carli Hanson “Browning and Gilman: Transatlantic Answers to ‘The Woman Question’”
Kara Kemp “Transcending National Boundaries in The Scarlet Letter: A Romance”
3082 JFSB Imperialism and Identity: From Melville to Walcott (Moderator: Brad Gerhardt)
Kylie McQuarrie “Metaphor and Beyond: The Ocean in Omeros
Bryan Mulkern “Name/Rename”
Kylan Rice “‘Local Passions’: The Confidence Man and the Anxiety of Transnational Influence”
4116 JKB Amazing Grace: Theology, Philosophy, and Reconciliation in Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead (Moderator: Dr. Trent Hickman)
Christa Baxter Drake “Marilynne Robinson’s Views of Grace through Michel de Certeau’s Lens of Place and Space”
Laura Sheffield Dutson “John Calvin, Digested: Marilynne Robinson’s Brand of Calvinism and Gilead
Makayla Steiner “Reconciliation in Gilead: War, Peace, and Shifting Visions”
B062 JFSB Of Clay, Sand, and Water (Moderator: Amy Takabori)
Bess Hayes “Listening to Clay”
Natalie Johansen “Of Sand”
Laura Sheffield Dutson “A Reduction”
B060 JFSB Theoretically Speaking: Journeys through Texts and “Texts” (Moderator: Dr. Bruce Young)
Rachel Kirkwood House of Leaves: The Postmodern Ergodic Novel as (Net) Work”
Lauren Truman “Is True Art Still Possible?”
Patria Pusey “Mikhail Bakhtin and the Religious Journey in Dostoevsky’s Polyphonic Novel”
B101 JFSB The Walking Dead: The Dark Side of Romanticism (Moderator: Dr. Paul Westover)
Trent Leinenbach “Dawn and Dusk of the Dead: Echoes of Necromanticism in Postmodern Zombie Fiction”
Laurel Cummins “The French Revolution and Iconoclastic Tendencies in England: The Causes of Romantic Preoccupations”
Shannon Williams “‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’: Memorial Culture from the Romantic Period to Now”
B103 JFSB Frankensteining Film (Moderator: Dr. Jon Ostenson)
Stacey Owen “Frankenstein’s Monster Gets a Facelift: The Monster’s Image in Children’s Literature”
David Gillis “Frankenstein Lost”
Andrea Brunken “Clone Redemption: Partaking of the Forbidden Fruit in The Island
B105 JFSB Beyond the Brothers Grimm: Fairy Tale Adaptations (Moderator: Dr. Jill Rudy)
Caryn Lesuma “Happily Ever Now: Merging Fiction, Illustration, and Criticism in Frances Minters’s Fairy Tale Retellings for Children”
Stephanie Burns “Forgotten Flexibility and Compromised Complexity in Scripture Retellings”
Becca Hay “Living the Dream through Living the Tale: Baudrillard’s Hyperreal in New Media Retellings of Fairy Tales”
B135 JFSB Hegemony in the Home: Authoritative Roles in Shakespeare (Moderator: Emily Young)
Emma Wiley “Taming the West with John Wayne and Shakespeare”
Jess Larsen “What’s in a Man?: Masculinity in Olivier’s and Zeffirelli’s Adaptations of Hamlet
Cindy Waite “Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo + Juliet: Challenging Religious Power and Authority”
B150 JFSB Puritan Pioneers (Moderator: Dr. Keith Lawrence)
William Guarjardo “Winthrop’s Wish”
Tara Boyce “Bradstreet Performing Gender?”
Becky Callahan “‘In Reference to Her Children’: The Flight of Bradstreet’s Caged Bird”
B030 JFSB The Living and Dead: Zombies in Fiction (Moderator: Dr. Eric Eliason)
Steve Haynie “Glow Worm”
Christopher Husberg “Look Me in the Stars”
Becca Lee Jensen Ogden “We That Are Dead”
B032 JFSB Subverting the Past: The Brontë Sisters (Dr. Lorraine Wood)
Brad Gerhardt “‘Une Nouvelle Terre’: Wuthering Heights and Topographical Metamorphosis
John Wiest “The Madman and the Archangel: The Brontës’ Men”
Jessica Lees “The Gothic Catalyst within Jane Eyre
B060 JFSB Re-Joyce in “The Dead” II (Moderator: Dr. Jarica Watts)
Ivan Sullivan “Gabriel Tyrannus: ‘The Dead’ as Greek Tragedy”
Michelle Hubbard “Bracelets and Handcuffs: Fundamental Symbolism in Joyce’s ‘Araby’”
Hannah Ballard “Greek Mythological References in Joyce’s ‘The Dead’”
B094 JFSB Literary Paparazzi: Creating Celebrity (Moderator: Alexis Wood)
Marie Bertonneau “Canon and Celebrity: ‘It’s’ Complicated”
Sari Carter “Symptoms of Modernity: Mythological Constructs in Scott and Ruskin”
Emily Young “Modern Victorian: Adaptations of Sherlock Holmes”
B103 JFSB Behind the Screen: Psychology in Film (Moderator: Dr. Jon Ostenson)
Brandon Bishoff “The Weaving of Dreams: A Jungian Approach to the Adaptation of Novels to Film”
Brittany Bruner “A ‘Dream Within a Dream’: Connecting Inception with the Works of Edgar Allan Poe”
Rachel Jacobson “Behind the Shower Curtain: Hitchcock’s Psycho as a Modern Retelling of Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
4:00-4:50 Keynote: “On Serendipity,” Professor Trent Hickman B190 JFSB (refreshments provided)


The English Symposium is sponsored by the BYU English Department and organized by the English Society and the English Graduate Student Association.