2014 English Symposium Program


Begins at 8:30 at the FLAC (B003 JFSB).

Participants and moderators need to check-in at least an hour before their panels.

10:00 Panels

10:00, B092, Creative Writing Panel, Chair: Jacqueline Thursby

Running with Wolves: The Dark Side of Once Upon a Time

1. “Dirt and Bones” by Chris Whitehead

2. “Something Old, Something New” by Madeleine Dresden

3. “The Hunter’s Tale” by Lauren Matthews

10:00, B032, Panel Chair: Trent Hickman

Memory and the Archive Over Place and Time

1. “Historical Misrepresentation: Collective Memory, the Hermeneutic Right, and English National Identity in Shakespeare’s History Plays” by Ben Wagner

2. “Archiving Art: The Value of Nostalgia in Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast” by Jared Pence

3. “‘His [Memories] Must be Taken as a Whole’: Christopher Wordsworth’s Memoirs as Archive” by Patria Wright

10:00, B106, Creative Writing Panel, Chair: Steve Tuttle

On the Brink: Exploring the Boundaries of Poetry, Fiction, and Essay

1. “Collected Poems” by Benjamin Blackhurst

2. “Somewhere in the Music: A Video Essay” by Jacob Cutler

3. “De Noto: A Short Story” by Sarah Syphus

10:00, B062, Panel Chair: Paul Westover

How We Talk When We Talk About War: Language and War Literature

1. “A Poet at War: Robert Frost and Poetry of the First World War” by Melissa Morgan

2. “The Profane and Reverent in The Things They Carried” by Tamara Pace Thomson

3. “The Language of Mythic Mode: How the Pen Animates the Sword” by Catie Nielson

10:00, B104, Panel Chair: Keith Lawrence

Economic Ideals and Realities in Competitive America

1. “Capitalism as Naturalism in the American West” by Josh Sabey

2. “Exploitation of the Fittest: Deconstruction of Social Darwinism in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle” by Nicole Wardell

10:00, B132, Panel Chair: Danette Paul

Digital Dialogues: The Future of Technology and Communications

1. “Traditional Print to Digital Format: Adapting Form and Content” by Amber Zawada

2. “Civilization in the Digital Age: Virtual Spaces and Hybrid Reality” by Greg Bayles

10:00, B135, Creative Writing Panel, Chair: Joey Franklin

“Nonfiction Reading: Department and College Contest Winners” Winners of the Mayhew, Carroll, and Inscape essay contests will read from their work and answer questions.

1. Darlene Young, Mayhew Essay Contest

2. Shamae Budd, Carroll Essay Contest

3. Madison Bowman, Inscape Essay Contest


11:00 Panels

11:00, B030, Panel Chair: Emron Esplin

Sacrifice, Sanity, and Seduction in the Short Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe

1. “Religious Sacrifice in  ‘The Cask of Amontillado’” by Dane Lystrup

2. “Poe’s Spectrum of Insanity” by Bethanie Sonnefeld

3. “Dupin, D–, Doubling, and Infidelity in ‘The Purloined Letter’” by Joshua Bingham

11:00, B037, Creative Writing Panel, Chair: Phil Snyder

Inheritance of Place: Exploring the American West

1. “A Lone A Last A Loved A Long” by Madison Bowman

2. “Rivers” by Liz Knight

3. “Reflections on a Superlative Desert” by Bess Hayes

11:00, B104, Panel Chair: Miranda Wilcox

Genre Studies: Interpreting Hagiography, the Epistolary Novel, and Literary Criticism

1. “A Saintly Epic: Reading Beowulf as a Hagiography” by Jordan Jones

2. “‘Introduce the Authoress’: Pamela’s Rebellion Through Letter-Writing” by Emily Hubbard

3. “Morality and Literature” by Kandace Wheelwright

11:00, B062, Panel Chair: Joey Franklin

Memoir: Unlocking Identity and Memory through Narrative Style

1. “Rejecting the Mother Tongue: Family Secrets and the Self in Mary Karr’s The Liars’ Club” by Kellianne Coltrin

2. “The Importance of Memory Holes in Memoir” by Lisa Roylance

3. “Society of Mind in Prozac Diary: An Exploration of Memoir as Self-Dialogue and Psychotherapy” by Shamae Budd

11:00, B092, Panel Chair: Dawan Coombs

Teen Issues: Masculinity and the Paranormal Romance in Young Adult Literature

1. “Masculinity that Breaks from Violence” by Ashley Brocious

2. “Paranormal Romance: Fad or Fact?” by Rhianna McGaughey

11:00, B106, Panel Chair: Heidi Lawrence

“It’s a dangerous business stepping out your front door”: Exploring Intersections Between Nature, Fairy Tales, and the Songs of The Hobbit

1. “Context in Emerson’s ‘Nature’” by Tyler Moore

2. “The Rest of the Story: the Intersection Between the Frame Story and d’Aulnoy’s Fairy Tales” by Tonja Vincent

3. “Tunes of a Tale: Songs and Characterization in The Hobbit” by Elizabeth Cole

11:00, B135, Panel Chair: Ed Cutler

Adaptation, Comparison, and Ambiguity in Murder Stories

1. “Impunity: The Vanishing as an Adaptation of Poe’s Works” by Thomas Clyde

2. “‘The Speckled Band’ as Response, Not Plagiarism” by Wesley Turner

3. “The Devil’s in the Details” by Audrey Saxton


12:00 Reading Series: HBLL Auditorium (1060 HBLL)

Dr. John Talbot

Poetry Reading


1:00 Panels

1:00, B030, Panel Chair: Jamie Horrocks

Reexamining Normativity in Late-Victorian Fiction

1. “The Story of an African Farm: Expectations and Reality” by Katie Macdonald

2. “Peter Pan against Maternity: Dueling Mothers” by Adam Sorenson

3. “The Paradox of Desire: Homosociality’s Normative Power in ‘A Scandal in Behemia’ and The Sign of Four” by Ian McArthur

1:00, B103, Panel Chair: Aaron Eastley

Postcolonialism: Understanding the Cultural Remnants of Imperialism

1. “Born to Rule: Anglo-Saxon Superiority in Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes” by Kaitlyn Dixon

2. “The Role of Fathers in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart” by Jason Gardiner

3. “The Motifs of Water and Death in Kipling and Conrad’s Short Stories” by Shane Peterson

1:00, B062, Panel Chair: Danette Paul

Emergence of the New Woman: The Transition of Women’s Role in Society

1. “Let’s See How Far We (Haven’t) Come: The Unresolved Problem of the Woman with Unexpected Desire in Modernist Texts” by Megan Armknecht

2. “A Farewell to Victorianism! There and Somewhat Back Again: Literatures Failure to Stop Male ‘Oppression’ on the Women in D. H. Lawrence’s ‘Odour of Chrysanthemums’ and Doris Lessing’s ‘To Room Nineteen’” by Eric Smith

1:00, B092, Panel Chair: Liz Christianson

The Hero We Need: Superheroes–and Supervillains–in American Popular Culture

1. “Sherlock Holmes: Original Superhero” by Conor Hilton

2. “The Dark Knight and the Consequences of its Extreme Dualities: Holding Out for a Hero” by Becca Davis

3. “The Joker, The Blockbuster and Mass Shootings: Watching the World Burn” by Connor Race Davis

1:00, B132, Panel Chair: Jarica Watts

Rifts: War and Devastation in Japan, England, and Vietnam

1. “A Tongue Sharper Than a Knife: Evoking Empathy and Awareness through the Stories of Comfort Women” by Abby McKeon

2. “‘Ineffable Awareness’: Limits of Language in the Modern Age” by Carson Bennett

3. “The Things They Carried: Burdens of Guilt” by Jordan Baker

1:00, B104, Creative Writing Panel, Chair: Joey Franklin

Graduate Creative Writing Contest Winners

1. Dustin Steineckar, Doty Fiction Contest

2. Darlene Young, Hart-Larson Poetry Contest

3. Laura Marostica, Carroll Essay contest


2:00 Panels

2:00, B030, Panel Chair: Zina Petersen

The Multiplicities of Interpretation: Reading Shakespeare Through the Ages

1. “Shylock and Shoah: The Merchant of Venice on the Nazi-Era and Postwar Stage” by David Giles

2. “Gloria Naylor: Better at Shakespeare than Shakespeare Himself?” by Jessica Durfee

3. “The Two-Edged Sword of Humanity” by Allison Wiser

2:00, B037, Panel Chair: Jill Rudy

A Whole New World: Disney, Adaptation, and the Americanization of Fairy Tales

1. “Redirection of the Disney Rants: the Real Angst Fueling the Negative Obsession with Disney Tales” by Laura Randle

2. “From Adoration to Antagonist: Father Figures in Popular Cinderella Tales” by Jenna Cooper

3. “Once Upon a Tumblr: Fairy Tales in Social Media Frames” by Kristy Stewart

2:00, B032, Panel Chair: Kristin Matthews

Catcher in the Rye: Profanity, Family, and War

1. “‘Like Fun You Are’: Profanity in Catcher in the Rye” by Lauren Fine

2. “Holden’s Inferno: A Condition of Perpetual Adolescence” by Cara Gillespie

3. “A Phony Family: Upper-class Materialism and the Creation of Holden Caulfield” by Katie Nilson

2:00, B062, Panel Chair: Leslee Thorne-Murphy

The Interactions Between Nature, Gender, and Society

1. “Foregoing Intellectual Powers and Sympathy: Exploring Social Instincts in ‘The Old Gentleman’” by Brittany Strobelt

2. “Challenging Ecofeminism’s View of Women’s Role Over the Earth” by Natalie Christensen

3. “Perpetuating Tragedy: The Ugly Juncture of Nature and Society in Tess of the D’Urbervilles” by Andrew Fellows

2:00, B101, Panel Chair: Jarica Watts

Character Perspectives in James Joyce’s Short Stories

1. “Examining Silence in James Joyce’s ‘The Sisters’” by Jeff Wiggins

2. “All the World is Butchery and the People Merely Sides of Beef” by Audrey Edholm

2:00, B105, Panel Chair: Jamie Horrocks

Gendered Roles and Rules (and the People Who Break Them)

1. “Hemingway’s Gender Role Experiment and Economic Value” by Robin Nielson

2. “Through the Rainbow: A Perspective on LGBTQ Literature” by Amber Toy Cosgrove

3. “‘Cultural Work,’ Contagious Diseases, and the Lesbian Vampire Prostitute” by Kristen Cardon

2:00, B103, Panel Chair: Kim Johnson

The Politics of Puritans

1. “An Analysis of Power Play in Anne Hutchinson’s Trial” by Jane Packard

2. “‘Peace of the Commonwealth’: Gender and Societal Stability in the Trial of Anne Hutchinson” by Jake Duerden

3. “Edward Taylor vs. Solomon Stoddard: Their Differences in the Context of Preparation” by Jeremy Scott Borgia

2:00, B092, Panel Chair: Liz Christianson

Adaptation and the Art of Transposing Myths Ancient and Modern

1. “Team Bonding and Building: Only Modern Sherlock Holmes Makes the Cut” by Stephanie Bahr Bentley

2. “Merlin: A Comparison of Medieval and Contemporary Culture” by Christie Shill

3. “The Man, The Myth, The Legendary Fighter: Sherlock Holmes” by Jeffrey Allan

2:00, B106, Creative Writing Panel, Chair: Kristine Hansen

Write of Passage: Coming of Age Through the Personal Essay

1. “In the Passenger Seat” by ShelliRae Spotts

2. “Ethnography of an Adult Ballet Class” by Laura Marostica

3. “On Blushing” by Elizabeth Brady

2:00, B132, Panel Chair: Chris Crowe

Lessons from Hogwarts: The Pedagogy found in Harry Potter

1. “From Potter to Pedagogy: Harry Potter as an At-Risk Student” by Whitney Sommerville

2. “From Potter to Pedagogy: The Teaching Styles of Professors Lupin and Umbridge” by Nicole Westenskow

3. “The Importance of the First Day of School for Wizards and Muggles” by Katy Johnson

2:00, B152, Creative Writing Panel, Chair: John Bennion

“Fiction Reading: Department and College Contest Winners”

Winners of the Mayhew, Doty, and Inscape fiction contests will read from their work and answer questions

1.Josh Sabey, Doty Fiction Contest

2. Sarah Syphus, Mayhew Fiction Contest

3. Adrian Thayne, Inscape Fiction Contest

2:00, B150, Panel Chair: Peter Leman

Criterion Panel

1. “Leguaje y Memoria: Bilingual Constructions of Self in Julia Alvarez’s ¡YO!” by Madeleine Read

2. “Revolutionary Poets of Place: Wordsworth’s Footprint in Chinese Literary Soil” by Debbie Adams

3. “Metacognition of Memory: Truth Telling in Creative Nonfiction” by Courtney Bulsiewicz


3:00 Panels

3:00, B030, Panel Chair: Gideon Burton

Milton: Paradise, Politics, and Catharsis

1. “Nimrods and Babblers: John Milton on God’s Gatekeeping Ethics” by Jake Clayson

2. “Ambitions and Passivity: An Examination of John Milton and his Works in the Light of Revolution” by Andrew Price

3. “The Cathartic Samson Agonistes” by Pablo Tapia

3:00, B037, Panel Chair: Jon Ostenson

Grand Theft Literature: The Video Game as a Literary Form

1. “Forerunners: Video Games as a Bridge to Literature” by Tyler McCombs

2. “The Romantic Dead: Neo-Romanticism in The Last of Us and The Walking Dead” by Paul Bills

3. “Agency and the Optional: How Video Games are Training Today’s Young Readers” by Stephen Mathias Nothum

3:00, B092, Panel Chair: Liz Christianson

“She is Always the Woman”: Representation of Women in Film and Television

1. “Order and Chaos: The Story of Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes” by Marissa Compton

2. “(500) Days of Tom: Why Summer Finn Has Little to Do With (500) Days of Summer” by Josh Weber

3. “The Woman–An Exploration of the Many Faces of Irene Adler” by Jace Brown

3:00, B099, Panel Chair: Delys Snyder

Teaching Writing: Revision, Research, and Relationships

1. “‘I Didn’t Know We Had to Do That in Our Papers!’: Using Story Form to Teach the Research Paper in First Year Writing” by Emily Richey Natter

2. “An Ally in Revision: Helping Students Overcome Proximity and Solitude to Become Self-Revisionists” by Lena Harper

3. “The Writer-Reader Relationship” by Jessie Livingston

3:00, B135, Panel Chair: Toni Pilcher

Blurring the Lines: Exploring Expectations of Religion and War

1. “‘There is Room After All’: Religion’s Positive Role in Their Dogs Came with Them” by Kaden Taylor

2. “‘The Most Poetical War in English History:’ The Function of the Short Story in World War I Literature” by Madeleine Read

3:00, B062, Panel Chair: Jarica Watts

Identity, War, and Civil Rights in Ireland

1. “Who Am I and Where Am I Going?: The Quest for Self-Identity” by Catherine Ann Hollingsworth

2. “Repressed Constructs: The Dynamics of the Family in Brian Friel’s The Freedom of the City” by Ben Grange

3. “A Nation Divided: How Military Imagery in ‘The Dead’ Exposes Dubliners” by Josh Guerrero

3:00, B094, Panel Chair: Danette Paul

Women’s Space: Public and Private

1. “Triangulation Cycle in ‘The Boarding House’” by Doridé Uvaldo

2. “The Capitalistic Chora: Economics through the Feminine in Jonson’s Epicoene” by Katie Stevenson

3. “The House that Always Traps” by Camilla Dudley

3:00, B032, Panel Chair: Paul Westover

Transcendent, Transatlantic

1. “Hopkins and Whitman: Kindred Spirits Indeed” by Paige E.K. Ellefsen

2. “The Blessing and Curse of Isolation: How to Tell the Gender of Your Poet” by Ryan Freeman

3. “Poetry and Prophecy” by Ethan Wolfe

3:00, B150, Panel Chair: Shane Peterson

Criterion Panel

1. “Tempestian Politics: Foundations of Political Philosophy in The Tempest” by Andrew Fellows

2. “Reformatted/Re-fleshed: Judith Butler, Monique Wittig, Gendered Subjectivity, and The Internet Body” by Kylan Rice

3. “Can the Queer Subaltern Speak? Neocolonial Spectacle and Queer Commodification in Dogeaters” by Jennifer Duque

3:00, B152, Creative Writing Panel, Chair: Lance Larsen

“Poetry Reading: Department and College Contest Winners”

Winners of the Mayhew, Hart-Larson, Barnes, and Academy of American Poets contests will read from their work and answer questions.

1. Lindsey Webb

2. Sean Johnson

3. Tamara Thomson

4. Josh Sabey


4:00 Keynote Speaker: Susan Howe

Shaping the Post-Postmodern Moment



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