Creative Writing Contests

All the creative writing showcased in English Symposium is connected to contests sponsored by various campus entities. So whether you’re a grad student or an undergrad, if you have a piece of creative writing you’d like to share, submit it to one of these contests.

Who knows? You might earn some cash for that poem you wrote last semester
or that personal essay you’ve got tucked away!


American Academy of Poets’ Contest

This prestigious national competition is open to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Win up to $300.

Carolyn Barnes Poetry Contest

This contest awards $300 to either an undergraduate or a graduate student. 

Hart-Larson Poetry Contest

This contest has separate categories for graduate and undergraduate students. Win up to $300. 

Mayhew Contest

This contest awards a total of $1,850 for poems between 50 and 300 lines. Entrants must be full-time BYU students. 


Ann Doty Contest

This contest is for short fiction, with separate divisions for graduate and undergraduate students. Win up to $300.

Mayhew Contest

In its fiction category, the Mayhew Contest has separate awards for general and speculative fiction. Be sure to read rules for both.

Creative Non-Fiction

Elsie C. Carroll Contest

This contest has separate graduate and undergraduate essay categories. Win up to $300.

No More Strangers

The English Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee sponsors this essay contest. Win up to $300.

Mayhew Contest

This year there is no theme for the Mayhew essay. You can submit non-fiction shorter than 8,000 words on on any topic. 

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