Beginning in 2015, the BYU Department of English began to emphasize “English+” (which involves students learning to apply the skills they develop in studying English literature — more details here).

Exemplary students have been featured at our past symposia, discussing their “English+” experiences in five-minute presentations:

From 2018: Watch the video on the English Symposium YouTube channel. Click on the times listed in the video description to go to individual presentations.

  • Rebekah Cutler (3:49)
  • Samantha Aramburu (9:46)
  • Shae Russell (15:28)
  • Alex Oldroyd (21:29)
  • Isaac Robertson (28:13)
  • Clarissa McIntire (33:35)
  • Jacob Johnson (39:19)
  • Nicole Jacobsen (44:57)


From 2016 – See this YouTube playlist or watch the videos individually:

From the 2015 English Symposium: